Beware! This eat, pray, love laksa post might turn you into a laksa-zilla!

I’m a laksa addict, serve me a bowl and i’ll order another! Have I blogged about laksa before? Briefly yes, in one of my Dubai Eatouts post here. A Malaysian foodie (unless you’re allergic or detest spicy/ coconut-flavoured foods) will never refuse a hearty pungent-smelling bowl of laksa. Just do a google search, and you’ll drool over them forever.

As I was browsing along the canned goods and Japanese section on a lovely morning doing my usual weekend grocery stockup at Waitrose, a familiar word caught my eye! I reversed my trolley, paused to take a closer look.
“Oh wootie!” Doing the Hey Macarena dance. I looked over to hubs, wide eyed and all, in disbelief… “LAKSA, all in a packet!” I squealed.

All-in-one goodness!
Okay maybe I exaggerated the whole scenario a wee bit, but because it isn’t everyday I breathe in this coconut-infused curry noodles… I every pack (4 packets left) on the lowest shelf.

When I told my friend about it, she nagged my ears off to stop making excuses and make laksa from scratch! I sighed. So much chopping/blending, shopping and time needed really. This mouthwatering noodles requires (based on the authentic recipe) at least 8-10 ingredients. For your info, not all of them can be found at a single supermarket sitting in Dubai. Preparation (especially Assam Laksa recipe) takes at least an hour or more if you opt to manually blend the paste using a mortar & pestle, adding extra minutes to set aside the garnish, and I can go on and on… and on.

So, did it taste close to home? Yum yes, and smelt exactly like it too!

Here’s my 20mins tops cheat and quick DIY version I came up with. Cheat, because obviously the curry pungent paste’s core ingredients, hard work and flavours were ready-packed! To enhance the already appetizing on-its-own laksa, I added boiled tiger prawns, bean sprouts and hard boiled egg, favoured toppings/add ons in any M’sian curry laksa. Cooked chicken shreds is also preferred if you’re allergic to seafood.

2-3 tiger shrimps – Remove heads (Keep 2 heads), and shell except the tails.
Handful of bean sprouts/ mung beans (The ones sold here are SO scrawny, miss those plump juicy sprouts back in KL)
1 hard boiled egg

1. Boil the egg. Leave it out to cool once it’s cooked. Peel the egg shells, use an egg slicer to slice, or manually (your sharpest knife) if you don’t have one. Quick rinse the shrimps, bean sprouts and set aside.

2. Add 600ml water (or as per laksa’s packet instructions) to saucepan or medium soup pot in medium-high heat, bring it to boil. Reduce heat to medium. Add in sprouts, let it sit in for 2 mins (I like them crunchy not overly wilted). Use a sift to gather the sprouts, set aside to cool. Next, add in shrimps until cooked, set aside onto a plate/bowl.

For an even more flavourful soup base? Add shrimp heads before the laksa ready-packed paste.

3. Remember the 2 shrimp heads? Drop it into the same soup pot, reduce heat to low, simmer the heads for 5mins. Discard.

4. Cook and follow the step-by-step laksa packet’s cooking instructions.

5. Pour ready noodles and curry broth into a bowl, topped with bean sprouts, hard-boiled egg, shrimps. Garnish with coriander (optional).


Though not the real deal, it made me twirly happy :)

Thank you Prima Taste for coming up with this delicious instant idea for us living away from home!

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